Doing it right.

I wonder often if we’re ‘doing it right’ when it comes to parenting.

I’m aware, there’s no ‘right’ way, but I still worry wonder, ya know?

Sometimes though, there are those moments where I have no doubt in my mind. Today was one of those.

Someone prefers to keep his business to himself, but I want to remember this…so I hope he forgives me. :)

Someone told me today they have a crush. I asked what makes him like her.

He said, “She’s funny.”


I asked if she was pretty.
“Yeah, I guess. But she’s funny. And she’s smart. And she… ”
YES! YES! YES! Doin’ it right, fo’ sho! (So right that if he heard me say that, he’d tell me that wasn’t correct English.)

2 thoughts on “Doing it right.

  1. I’m pretty sure I commented on this on facebook. I better do it here though!

    Yes, you’re doing it right. I’m not a parent, but I see how other people raise their kids. I wouldn’t normally give it a second thought, but I see how you raise yours too. I see the things you tell them. The things you do with them. I wish more parents were like you both.

  2. I wrote a big reply and my crazy mouse went somewhere on it’s own again and it took me out of the comment thing and now it’s gone. I don’t even care what a bad sentence that is lol.

    The short version is this: THANK YOU! :)

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