Cancer Sucks.

Cancer is evil. E.V.I.L. Makes me cry to think about it. I wish/hope/pray for scientists to find a cure. A real one. For all the E.V.I.L. Someday. I believe.

So, I saw this post. And I thought to myself, “Five – ten minutes of my time for a dollar? A dollar that goes to help the American Cancer Society? Abso-freakin’-lutely.” Easy as pie. Then I tried not to cry as I thought of those I know affected by cancer. The list keeps getting longer. I won’t list them here, because I might forget someone and they’re ALL so important.

AP Codes is donating $1 for every blog post written and verified by Oct 31st to the American Cancer Society. Super dope. Fighting cancer, during the month that honors those who have or were or are fighting Breast Cancer, with a few simple key strokes. Yep, I have time for that. If you have a blog, go here and sign up too!


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